May 10, 2019

Well, today's the big day, the release of the third book in "The Atonement Trilogy", The Shadow of War!

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It's been a long road to get here. I started writing when I was 10 years old and eventually started work on what's now "The Atonement Trilogy" at 14. 12 ye...

April 19, 2019

A compendium of organizations, entities, and objects of importance in the world of Tarsha and the universe of The Atonement Trilogy. Minor SPOILERS below.

The Warriors:

The group of soldiers tasked by King Ethebriel in uniting Tarsha; their efforts paved the way for a N...

April 12, 2019

A compendium of major/minor characters in the world of The Atonement Trilogy. Minor spoilers below.


As an Iscara, his origin is a mystery, but it is thought that he was the first servant of Abaddon. He maintained his status for centuries as the strongest Iscara...

April 5, 2019

Cain Taran

Height: 6'0"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Armor: Leather and mail

Weapon: Ceerocai

Cain was born in Andaurel, Kaanos, to Marn Taran and Illiya Fallon. At the age of ten, arzecs razed his home and killed his parents. Sent to one of the many orphanages in Dun Ara, he beg...

March 30, 2019


Once the heart of a rich and flourishing empire, Angeled had long been an inhospitable and harsh land. Little is known about the empire that once ruled over Angeled, but its evidence is everywhere, from the ancient roads that web across the country to the ruins...

March 23, 2019


For as long as humans inhabited Tarsha, Andred was a barren, unforgiving wasteland. Save for a few small tribes and collections of outcasts, few people bothered venturing into the icy wastes.

After his attack on Morven, Abaddon raised an army from the graves of hi...

March 22, 2019


Inveira has been a political opponent of Erias since the Age of Broken Swords. Whether over trade routes and tariffs or border disputes, the two countries have had a bloody history of conflict that resulted in Inveira’s increased isolation until the end of the...

March 15, 2019


As a mostly arid desert, Meres is the smallest and least populated country in Tarsha. Furthermore, it faced near-constant invasions from Abaddon due to its proximity to Andred. However, the andreds and arzecs were largely combat ineffective due to the extreme temp...

March 8, 2019


The largest and most populous country in Tarsha, Erias has had a tumultuous history of invasions, in-fighting, political strife, and ever-shifting borders. For over a hundred years, Erias maintained a state of almost constant war with their rival, Inveira, which...

March 1, 2019


Not as militaristic as its neighbors to the north and south, Charun has had an extensive history of fighting off foreign invaders, but due to its difficult terrain and many chokepoints, it has largely remained successful in keeping its independence. However, beca...

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