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Kristin Secorsky Q&A

Dragon Chosen Book

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Evalina Voll is a simple farm girl who dreams of one day becoming a dragon rider. The only problem is there hasn’t been a female dragon rider chosen in almost fifty years. One day, a rare red-and-black dragon is found injured in a meadow near her home. The events that follow propel Evalina on an adventure of a lifetime.

Evalina finds herself far from home in King’s Citadel, training to be a dragon rider. Whispers of a dark prophecy puts Evalina and the land of Eryieth at great risk. A seer’s prophecy marked the choosing of the next female dragon rider with the return of an ancient evil to the land. Entrusted with a great secret, Evalina embarks on an adventurous quest to locate a mythical amulet that can either save or destroy Eryieth.

Author Bio:

Frequently plagued with insomnia, Kristin stays up into the wee hours of the morning writing her novels. She earned an associate of liberal arts degree from Del Mar College, a bachelor of arts in English from Texas A&M University, and a master of education from University of Phoenix. She is a multi-genre, self-published author of historical, paranormal, romance, and fantasy novels. Her works include The Immortal Gladiator Series, The Dragon Riders of Eryieth Series, Once Upon a Dream, and The Official Dragon Chosen: The Dragon Riders of Eryieth Coloring Book. Kristin also writes under the pen name Anna Karam.

Kristin enjoys screenwriting and wrote and produced two short films that placed in the Top 20 of the A3F Film Festival 48 Hour Challenge in 2015 and the 72 Hour One-Script Challenge in 2013. Kristin grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, but now lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family and enjoys reading when she isn’t writing. She is currently writing book two of The Dragon Riders of Eryieth series along with the accompanying official adult coloring book.


Kristin Secorsky Q&A

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. Any personal tidbits you’d like to share?

Hi! My name is Kristin Secorsky. I’m a mother of two beautiful girls, and I write books. I love to read just as much as I love to write. I’ve self-published 4 novels, a coloring book, a novella, and 3 other novellas under a pen name. I have dabbled in screenwriting and actually had a few short films I wrote and produced land in the top 20 of a few film challenges. I enjoy going to comic conventions and cosplaying. I’m addicted to Game of Thrones, and I like to cook.

2) Tell us about your past and current works. Any future projects you’d like us to know about?

I have a historical/paranormal romance trilogy called, The Immortal Gladiator Series. A few short stories under my name and a pen name. I am working on a fantasy series called The Dragon Riders of Eryieth. Book one, "Dragon Chosen", is out as well as a coloring book with scenes from the first book. I’m working on book two currently. I have another new and completed romance novel that is in the editing/self-publishing process. I also wrote a screenplay last year that I’ve been editing. I’m not sure what I’ll do with that at the moment.

3) What inspired you to write your current project?

I’ve always loved fantasy and wanted to write a fantasy series. I was inspired by the idea of a love story between an elf and a human. I wrote out this little short story about it for fun that just sort of exploded into this huge project.

4) Why did you decide to start writing?

I was writing poems and short stories back in high school. I wrote a vampire short story for an English assignment. My teacher loved it and said I was “the next Anne Rice.” Her great compliment inspired me to keep writing. I stopped writing for fun when I started college because I took on a heavy load of courses. It wasn’t until after my first daughter was born that I picked up writing again. I was inspired by a beautiful location I went to on a vacation. I actually haven’t published that book yet. It’s just sitting on my computer. Perhaps, I will self-publish it in the future. I wrote all night long during those late night baby feedings. I haven’t been able to stop writing ever since.

5) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

Well, Anne Rice for one. G.R.R.M., J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Patricia Cornwell, Charlaine Harris, and Lee Child just to name a few. I read many genres, not just romance. All of these authors have entertaining stories that I can’t put down. I enjoy their characters and their world-building.

6) What do you think makes an author successful, and what makes their work resonate with people?

There are many talented authors out there. For me, the ability to snag the reader’s attention right away to where they can’t put the book down, and the ability to keep the reader wanting more is what I think makes for a successful author. Memorable characters resonate with me, so perhaps they do with other readers.

7) What were the biggest hurdles you had to overcome as an author?

Balancing home life with writing is a big challenge. Bad reviews will also kill your writing motivations, so don’t read reviews. Dealing with rejection from publishers and agents is hard. Also, the immense amount of other work you take on as a self-published author to produce and promote your work.

8) This is a personal question so feel free to answer how you want or to not answer. A lot of people in the creative arts suffer from depression, self-doubt, and hopelessness. Can you share a moment in your writing career where you felt these emotions? How did you overcome it? Do you have any advice for those currently struggling?

Yes, I have experienced all three of these frequently. There are days when I want to give up. I have felt hopelessness with every rejection letter and with low or slow book sales. I have felt depression and self-doubt when I made the mistake of reading reviews. The mean things can play inside your head on repeat when you’re trying to write which makes you question if you should even write. Sometimes even reading an amazing book by another author causes major self-doubt. I question if I’m good enough or if I’ll ever be good enough. I just try to remember the good reviews and the messages in my inbox praising my books and asking when the next one will be out. That keeps me going. I also can’t stop writing. If I’m not writing, I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s my passion. I write for myself first and foremost.

My advice is to write for yourself. Write what makes you happy. Don’t read reviews! I know it’s tempting. You are good enough. Don’t let rejections stop you. If you don’t land a publisher, then self-publish. Put your book out there anyway! Self-publishing is not a bad thing at all. I enjoy it. If you get frustrated or experience writer’s block, then take a break. Find your inspiration again and then go back to your project. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t write for a day, or a week, or a month. Don’t beat yourself up over any of this. Just enjoy the process!

9) What do you feel is the biggest reward with writing?

The pride it gives my daughters, and how I inspire them to be creative as well with writing, music, and art.

10) Is there any advice that you can offer new writers?

Success doesn’t come overnight. Be patient, work hard, and don’t give up!

Author Kristin Secorsky

Author Kristin Secorsky

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