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1 Day to Go!

Tomorrow is the big day, the release of my third book, "The Shadow of War"! So happy to have finished this beast of a novel and to share it with the world. Please check it out and click that pre-order link below, I would greatly appreciate it!

Cain threw himself against the valley wall, sucking in air between pants. Nearby, Mithaniel wiped his sword on an arzec’s corpse and sheathed it.

“We have to keep moving,” the Iscara said. “There are more of them out there.”

“Easy for you to say.” Cain pushed off the wall and gathered his breath. The man looked like they’d been sitting at a tavern table, not running for two bloody days. Barely a drop of sweat beaded his face.

Cain heeded the Iscara’s advice and followed him into the darkness. They jogged around twist and bend, up and down undulating hills, stumbling over rock and root.

Pressured by their admittedly dire situation, Cain had stopped earlier in the day and finally managed to strike a spark large enough for Mithaniel to use. True to his word, the Iscara had cupped it in a hand, and a faint light had trickled from between his fingers. He now led the way with a fist of pale yellow, a pitiful light to combat such crushing dark. Still, the light was practically a beacon, and that meant the arzecs could sense them even easier.

They’d rung the dinner bell.

The Shadow of War Book

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