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The Shadow of War

The world of Tarsha has fallen.

Iscarius and his armies have spread like a scourge. Cities burn, nations crumble, and the earth weeps the blood of the fallen. His motives a mystery, one thing is certain: Iscarius won’t stop until the world breaks beneath him.

Cain Taran alone has the strength to oppose him. The strange power of Abaddon, stirred from its slumber, now courses through Cain’s veins and seeks destruction. Feared for his strange new abilities, shunned, and alone, Cain must track Iscarius across a ravaged Tarsha and put an end to this gruesome new war that will only end with one of their deaths. Cain’s connection to Abaddon may prove the world’s salvation…

Or its undoing.

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This book.... Just.. WOW! I'm already a huge fan of detailed paranormal & fantasy novels and this book had it all! Mr Gifford does an amazing job with his debut novel. He's incredibly descriptive and you find that you are actually sharing the pain Cain is dealing with, especially with the loss of his wife.. Absolutely heartbreaking, but it shows the strength of character quite well. I've also read the second book in the series & I'm avidly awaiting more from this fresh new voice from the author scene!

Vicki Rose

From start to finish you will fall victim to the books lure. This has been the best book i have read in awhile. I kept thinking i knew how things would end only to realize i was wrong the entire time. Just finished the second and OMG, This series is definitely a must read. I can't wait for the final installment.



Bryan Gifford did a great job with this story. He knows just how to tell a story to hold you spellbound that you just can't stop reading. It's so descriptive you feel like you're there with the characters. I really in joyed this book.. Not someting I would normally read, but couldn't put in down.

Tina C.

I was pulling at my hair, thinking, "When is this ever going to end? When is there going to be some semblance of peace for these warriors?" It seemed like every corner turned brought them to a new obstacle. When they weren't facing Abaddon's sightless minions, there was always a human element that was hot on their trail. The shadow of death didn't just approach, but it covered these Warriors. How are they going to reach an end to this madness? I guess we'll have to wait for the third book to find out.

This author joins a short list, that I've read, who can completely and absolutely surprise me with a twist I never would have expected. But it isn't just one twist. There are several. Sometimes it's something that you want to turn from, so you can lick your wounds and mend your broken heart. And other times, it has such shock value that it makes what you've already read of the story completely unsettling. I'd like to say, "I can't wait to see Cain kill the foe he faces now." Or even, "I'm looking forward to watching the Warriors finally win." But I can't. I have no idea which direction Mr. Gifford is going to take us next. But that is a tale I long to hear!

Dawn Yacovetta

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