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     I'm sure you have heard the phrase "be what you want to be". I know I have. I wanted to be a fish when I was a kid, but I still can't breath underwater! Many people don't truly follow that advice or this would be a much happier and crazier world. But I followed it from a young age and created worlds in which I could be anything I wanted.
     I created the world of Tarsha at ten, thriving with characters and creatures that felt real to me compared to our boring reality. Tarsha may have been nothing more than ink on scrap paper, but to my young mind, it was my world. I gave form to the world of Tarsha over the years, and stories poured over pages until I had written two complete novels.
     I couldn't stop. I had to continue the story I created. I had to share it with people in the hopes that I could spread a little happiness.
     This is my passion. My pride. Call it an illness, a waste of time, a fruitless endeavor, I don't care. I only know that if I make even one other person smile from my writing, then all that I have done will have been worthwhile!

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