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1 The Spirit of Revenge final front cove

​ISBN: 13-9781482723939

Revenge is but a confession of pain…

Cain Taran has fought this war for as long as he can remember. He was just another sword in the endless centuries of conflict until the enemy destroyed his home and all that he held dear. Driven by vengeance, he crosses the world of Tarsha to unite the broken countries against the immortal tyrant, Abaddon.

But Cain soon learns that this is no war at all. It's genocide. Abaddon has battled with humanity for generations and now the time has come for him to crush their final remnants in the name of a forgotten and vindictive god. Cain must now make a choice between the revenge that has driven him this far, or to protect the people he swore to defend. The fate of Tarsha falls on him and the choices he makes, for he is somehow entwined in the cause of this war.

And only he can end it.

2 A New Reign final front cover.jpg

ISBN: 13-9781481852609

The winds of war are never still…

The battle for Morven may be over, but Tarsha still bleeds under Abaddon’s genocidal hand. Cain Taran knows the fight is far from finished, and when he is sent to aid the rival country of Inveira, he is proven right. An army of men has arisen and razed the country, led by a mysterious and powerful despot. Trapped, broken, and alone, Cain and his small group of Warriors must salvage what remains or lose this war.

With an entire army bent on killing Cain, he must learn the identity of their faceless leader and uncover their treacherous plans—which Cain might well be at the center of. However, with Inveira in flames and a shadowy foe encircling him, death may be Cain’s only escape.




The Shadow of War

​ISBN: 13-9780997332902


The world of Tarsha has fallen.

Iscarius and his armies have spread like a scourge. Cities burn, nations crumble, and the earth weeps the blood of the fallen. His motives a mystery, one thing is certain: Iscarius won’t stop until the world breaks beneath him.

Cain Taran alone has the strength to oppose him. The strange power of Abaddon, stirred from its slumber, now courses through Cain’s veins and seeks destruction. Feared for his strange new abilities, shunned, and alone, Cain must track Iscarius across a ravaged Tarsha and put an end to this gruesome new war that will only end with one of their deaths. Cain’s connection to Abaddon may prove the world’s salvation…

Or its undoing.

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