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Family and Country

Memorial weekend. I celebrated it as any good American should - by the grill with my family and a beer or three. But I think people lose sight of this holiday and what it means. It is to remember those who served and gave their lives to us and our country. I believe that living in such a great country with so many means at our disposal can make people lose track of the big picture, that the world around us is frail, that we are a small percentage out of many that have little, and that men and women have sacrificed everything to get us all to where we are today.

I finally got a phone call from my best friend, Trevor Hunt, over the weekend. We have been friends nearly our entire lives and he is like family to me. He is Army Infantry and is currently stationed in Qatar. Hearing his voice, I knew he missed his friends, his family, his home, even little things like fishing at our local fishing hole. Our troops sacrifice a lot, and I believe those little things are missed on most people back home.

Keep our troops in your thoughts and hearts. Remember their sacrifices. we get caught up in our daily lives and sometimes don't stop and think about the bigger picture. Take a break from writing/reading (as crazy as that sounds) every once in a while, and just collect your thoughts. We live in a fast-paced country and a fast-paced world that praises the quick and ruthless and crushes everyone else. But stop and slow down, and you may find that they are crushing themselves.

Family and Country

Trevor and Brittney on their engagement day. Dec. 26, 2014.

Trevor and Brritney on their wedding day. Garden of the Gods, CO.

Trevor on his long flight to Qatar.

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