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3 Days to Go!

3 days to go until the release of my third book, "The Shadow of War"! So happy to have finished this beast of a novel and to share it with the world. To celebrate, I will be posting an excerpt up each day prior to the release Friday, May 10. Please check it out and click that pre-order link below, I would greatly appreciate it!

The fire beat hot against Iscarius’ face. It was a constant flux and flow between stinging cold air and blistering heat, but he barely noticed it in his state.

He knelt in the snow, armor and cloak and tunic laid out around him. Hair drawn up in the ceremonial tail and eyes closed to the glow of the fire, he muttered in time with its rhythm. It ebbed and waned, surged and crackled.

The flesh of a hare sizzled in the flames. He hoped this animal would be worthy enough; game was hard to come by in Erias’ winters. He reached out and felt what was once the animal’s life force, small and frenzied. Vaporous, in the scheme of things.

And there it was, the touch. The Forgotten’s hand reaching down for him. A tiny fragment of the whole. It scoured like a thousand mighty fires, cleansed like a driving rain, as pure as the fresh falling snow. Iscarius bathed in its intensity as his mind scrambled to make sense of the chaotic forces that ravaged through him.

The Forgotten had begun speaking to him less frequently now, but Iscarius still reached out every day, relishing these too few moments. He’d attempted to explain his defection from the Iscara with every chance he’d had, but the Forgotten was still furious. His righteous anger branded Iscarius’ heart.

Iscarius refused to apologize for his defection. If that damned him, then so be it. He was the first, the strongest, the most loved of the Forgotten’s warriors, but he refused to let any of that stand in the way of what needed to be done.

The world would have its peace.

The Shadow of War

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