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Marie Andreas Q&A

I'm continuing the author interviews after a short departure to feature my third book release "The Shadow of War". Only two authors left in the series! Up today is Marie Andreas, author of "The Glass Gargoyle"!

The Glass Gargoyle Book

Book Summary:

Archeologist Taryn St. Giles has spent her life mining the ruins of the elves who vanished from the Four Kingdoms a thousand years ago. But when her patrons begin disappearing too—and then turning up dead—she finds herself unemployed, restless, and desperate. So she goes looking for other missing things: as a bounty hunter.

Tracking her first fugitive—the distractingly handsome and strangely charming Alric—she unearths a dangerous underworld of warring crime lords, demonic squirrels, and a long-lost elven artifact capable of unleashing a hell on earth.

Chased, robbed, kidnapped, and distressingly low on rent money, Taryn just wants one quiet beer and to catch her fugitive. But there’s more to Alric than his wicked grin—is he a wanted man or the city’s only hope? With menacing mages in pursuit and her three alcoholic faery sidekicks always in her hair, Taryn’s curiosity might finally solve the mystery of the elves… or be the death of her and destroy her world. If Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, invaded Stephanie Plumb’s Jersey and fell into a raucous, twisted Middle Earth, they might find Taryn St. Giles already waiting for them in this high action fantasy caper.-- Jessa Slade, award-winning author of QUEEN OF STARLIGHT, Sheerspace Book 1

Author Bio:

Marie is a multi-award winning fantasy and science fiction writer with a serious reading addiction. If she wasn't writing about all the people in her head, she'd be lurking about coffee shops annoying total strangers with her stories. So really, writing is a way of saving the masses. Her first fantasy series, The Lost Ancients, starts with The Glass Gargoyle. The Obsidian Chimera, The Emerald Dragon, The Sapphire Manticore, and The Golden Basilisk are all available now. The six book series will conclude with The Diamond Sphinx in spring 2019. A space opera trilogy, The Asarlai Wars, launched with Warrior Wench, and continued with the Victorious Dead. The final book, Defiant Ruin, is available now. A steampunk adventure, A Curious Invasion has also been released with the second book slated to come out in late 2019--The Mayhem of Mermaids. When not saving the masses from coffee shop shenanigans, Marie likes to visit the UK and keeps hoping someone will give her a nice summer home in the Forest of Dean or in northern Wales. Marie is also a member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) and RWA (Romance Writers of America). To find out more about the books, and future series, please visit her website at if you happen to have a small cottage to give her.


Author Q&A

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. Any personal tidbits you’d like to share?

Hmmm, I was raised a serious book junkie by parents who took my sister and I to the library once a month. All four of us would walk out with a pile of books to read. I have a huge soft spot for libraries and my parents for making us readers.

2) Tell us about your past and current works. Any future projects you’d like us to know about?

I write humorous fantasy (The Lost Ancients series) with drunken faeries and killer mages; space opera (The Asarlaí Wars—complete trilogy); and steampunk—A Curious Invasion. I am in edits for the final book in The Lost Ancients series—The Diamond Sphinx. I’m also starting the second steampunk book- The Mayhem of Mermaids (out late fall 2019), and working on two new series—both fantasy subgenres.

3) What inspired you to write your current project?

I had to finish the series-LOL! ;). If the current project includes the entire six book series—I just wanted to write a lighter story. Part of the influence were the Garrett Files books from Glen Cook—but he doesn’t have drunken faeries ;)

4) Why did you decide to start writing?

I write the books I want to read—but don’t exist yet.

5) Who are some of your favorite authors & why?

So many! Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffery, David & Leigh Eddings; Glen Cook; Lisa Shearin; way too many to list!

6) What do you think makes an author successful, and what makes their work resonate with people?

I think being true to yourself and your story. I write what I want to read, it’s real to me. If I try to write what I think others will want to read, everything will come across as flat and fake. Don’t worry about who doesn’t like your work—write to those who do.

7) What were the biggest hurdles you had to overcome as an author?

Believing in myself. Deciding that I was going to get all of these books out with or without NY’s help. Time—I have a full time day job. I have to fight to keep my writing time.

8) This is a personal question so feel free to answer how you want or to not answer. A lot of people in the creative arts suffer from depression, self-doubt, and hopelessness. Can you share a moment in your writing career where you felt these emotions? How did you overcome it? Do you have any advice for those currently struggling?

Those hit a lot. Just the other night, while editing my tenth book, I had a melt down and decided I couldn’t do it and I obviously couldn’t write. I let myself melt down a bit, then shut my computer, and dragged myself to bed. In the morning, things looked a lot better. This is a very hard field to be in, and you have to keep your sense of balance, and your sense of approval inside. As soon as you let the outside determine if you’re a success or not—they win. Make your books the BEST you can. Hire cover artists, editors, proofreaders. If you can’t afford it now, keep writing but wait to publish. Once you’ve made them as good as possible—let them go into the world; and start the next one. AND DON’T READ REVIEWS. Seriously, they will mess you up.

9) What do you feel is the biggest reward with writing?

Knowing that there are total strangers, all over the world, who have read and loved the worlds and characters I made up. It is a great feeling.

10) Is there any advice that you can offer new writers?

Learn all that you can. The internet is good and bad for new writers. Folks think they can just slap things up and become rich. Yeah, no. Take your time. Learn the craft and learn the business. There’s no rush.

Author Marie Andreas

Author Marie Andreas

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