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2 Days to Go!

2 days to go until the release of my third book, "The Shadow of War"! So happy to have finished this beast of a novel and to share it with the world. To celebrate, I will be posting an excerpt up each day prior to the release Friday, May 10. Please check it out and click that pre-order link below, I would greatly appreciate it!

Adriel ran through the inferno. Flames lashed about her and nipped at her ankles. The heat was already overwhelming, stifling in the cold winter night. Men and women died around her.

A man stumbled out before Adriel, flames rolling from his body as he screamed and flailed. Adriel shoved past the poor man and came to a group of Vilant hunkered behind the palisade wall.

A mighty quake rocked the town. Every man and woman cried out as the ground shook. “By the Towers, what is that?” Jiran cursed, pipe still in mouth.

A formation of horses erupted from the trees. However, these were no ordinary cavalry. Each mount pulled a strange cart of brass tanks and hoses. Adriel gasped at the sight of the machines. Chariots!

The machines of war roared to life and spewed forth terrible streams of fire. The great plumes engulfed the palisade, catching several Vilant aflame. A second wave sent bodies tumbling in an explosion of molten debris. This was no ordinary fire. It clung to everything, ravaging and burning, instantly incinerating flesh. Shrieks briefly pierced the thunder of hooves, replaced by the crackling of cooking corpses.

The machines weaved through the mangled, blazing palisades and slipped through the gaps. They charged into the Vilant’s muddled ranks and unleashed a firestorm over the terrified citizen soldiers. Blinding reds and oranges flashed in the dark as men and women burned alive.

The machines tore a swath of destruction through the Vilant and released another wave before spinning their horses back around. They rode over still dying men, crushing bones and breaking flesh. The chariots slipped out of the walls and wheeled around, driving back toward them. Behind, a blackness spilled from the trees. Acedens charged toward the burning camp.

The Shadow of War

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