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Just Write

People often ask me "what advice do you have for aspiring writers?" or "what's the biggest thing that has helped you be succesful?". I tell people this...just write, and just keep writing. I think people expect an answer that will blow them away. Some may even want a one-hit wonder that will do everything like a magic cure-all pill. There is no magic pill. Writing is hard. Very hard!

I have found that the only way to succeed at writing, let alone writing well, is just to write. Let your words flow. Write as much as possible as often as possible. This is easier said than done of course! We live fast-paced lives where it is difficult to catch a break to sit and think up a sentence or two. But writing takes time to hone. It's like water carving rock. It may seem like a long time to us for the water to hone the rock, but when it is done, it is smoothed and beautiful. Just like writing then, it takes patience and time to craft.

Make writing a habit. Studies have shown that up to 45% of our daily activities are simply performing habits. Make writing a habit by jotting down even just a sentence a day. Write your goals down and make them attainable and timely. Don't worry about grammar, flow, character arcs, or if your writing is "good" or not. All that comes later! You will always be your worst critic, and holding yourself back by not allowing the words to meet the paper is the worst disservice you could do to yourself and future readers. Remember, just write!

just write

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