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Big News!

I have big news for you guys!

Bryan Gifford fantasy books

I am revising my first book, The Spirit of Revenge! Why revise it, you ask? I'll tell you! I have included the following changes:

-For starters it has been professionally edited/proofread/beta read once more and has received outstanding feedback.

-I have also included a few new scenes which I believe move the story forward.

-I have "tightened up" certain aspects of the book, which will make for a deeper and more rewarding read.

-Lastly, I have included changes to the map which follow the story a little more accurately.

-I am also working on changes to the blurb on the back cover. The new blurb will provide just as much information but not detail certain aspects of the plot.

Expect to see the revised version of The Spirit of Revenge on Amazon - in paperback and eBook forms - in September! Be sure to pick up your first edition copy today!

As always, thanks for reading! You guys rock!

The Spirit of Revenge

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