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The Wait is Over

Bryan Gifford fantasy books

Can I get a hell yeah!? "The Spirit of Revenge" and "A New Reign" are both revised and up for sale in print and ebook on Amazon, and the revisions have been met with fantastic feedback! Why the changes? Well, I am not one to leave things alone, I admit. But, I decided a great story could be made even better with some additions, and that's what you will get, new and updated scenes that will propel the story of Cain Taran forward in his war with Abaddon.

Apologies for not having the revised editions out sooner to those of you who have been waiting patiently for them. I know some of you have had to endure more than your share of "soon"s. Let me know how y'all enjoy the changes, and as always, be sure to leave a review if you can!

Thanks as always for the support! You guys rock!

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