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Updates on the Writing Life

Hey, everyone!

writer meme

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA recently, real life caught me on the playground and let’s just say it hasn’t been very nice. However, I have some updates for you guys!

I’ve been working with my wonderful editor Raven Van Dijk. We’ve pulled apart The Spirit of Revenge, dissecting every word and sewing it all up with red ink and duct tape. Now, I’m happy to announce that the first book of "The Atonement Trilogy" is even more squeaky clean and ready for your reading pleasure. The second book, A New Reign, will be edited shortly as well.

Of course, I haven’t neglected the third and final book! It is currently at 100k words and is coming along quite nicely. It will be completed by the end of the year, with edits and cover design to follow extensive beta reads. If you’re interested in joining the beta team, feel free to shoot me a message!

Thank you everyone for sticking with me. I will continue to update my blog and I encourage you to join me in this journey. You guys are the reason I write!

Here's a few pictures of my year so far (and as always, a few relatable memes):

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