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I'm starting a new blog series on the countries, people, histories, and cultures of Tarsha. It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time and finally can release to you guys! Let's get right into it, and I hope y'all enjoy it. Use my Contact page if you'd like to learn more or ask me any questions.


Fantasy Plains

The country of Kaanos has had a long history steeped in warfare, from generations spent defending their borders from invasions, to their significant contributions in the fight against Abaddon. Kaanos is one of the few countries since before the Age of Gold to hold its original borders.

Kaanos is widely known and respected for its elite infantry and cavalry. For four hundred years they managed to hold back all of Abaddon’s attempted invasions. Due to its distance from Andred, Kaanos was able to keep its economy largely intact, allowing them to resist the many arzec incursions.

Important landmarks in Kaanos include the arena known by many as the Blood Pits, which had been used for hundreds of years to put young men through Kaanos’ famously brutal state-mandated training regimen. Other landmarks include Lake Torriv, the largest lake in Tarsha where most of the country’s famous whiskey is made, the ruins of Andaurel that was home to the original Warriors, and the port city of Diaspara, one of the largest cities in the world and a popular destination due to its relative safety and extreme distance from Andred.

Primary exports: grains, whiskey, tobacco, horses, and military arms and armor.

Banner: Three silver stars divided by bands of gold on a white field. Said to represent the three warlords who founded the country thousands of years ago.

Kaanos was influenced by early Dark Ages England and ancient Sparta. Sparta’s influence can be seen in Kaanos’ extensive military prowess, primarily in their state-mandated training of boys aged ten through seventeen. Other influences of note include the clear separation of duties between males and females: men focus almost exclusively on war while women are primarily farmers, traders, artists, and craftsmen.

Kaanos’ English inspiration can be seen in its architecture of wattle-and-daub homes and timber fortifications. Clothing is often influenced by early Dark Age attire such as rough-spun wool and leather and brigandine armor. Primary weapons used by the Kaanos military are similar to English arms like spears, longbows, axes, and the occasional sword.

Fantasy Fields
Tarsha Map

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