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Ancient Greece

Not as militaristic as its neighbors to the north and south, Charun has had an extensive history of fighting off foreign invaders, but due to its difficult terrain and many chokepoints, it has largely remained successful in keeping its independence. However, because to its proximity to Amon Karash, Charun has suffered periods of economic collapse and near ruin at the hands of arzec raiders.

Charun is famous for its exquisite wine and brandy, and people travel from all over to visit its esteemed vineyards. Popular destinations include the famous mansions and villas of Charun’s upper class, many of which have existed since the Age of Broken Swords, and the various flourishing cities that are home to Charun’s celebrated gold and silver smiths. Other notable landmarks are its fortress capital of Abraxas, the ruins of the ancient city, Cresen Khan, and the Crossroads, a series of intricate waterways and channels.

Fantasy Hills

Primary exports: Wine, brandy, jewelry, precious metals, metal ore, and art.

Banner: A gold hammer on a field of silver. It is believed the hammer represents Charun’s commitment to creation and crafts but does not ignore their ability for warfare.

Charun was primarily influenced by Greece and ancient Etruria. Charun’s architecture draws inspiration from Greece with its ample use of marble and stone, impressive columns, and sculptures. Due to hundreds of years of warfare and economic hardship, Charun's vibrant and colorful culture has been dulled to its modern state. New architecture is rare and military-focused, losing much of its historical inspiration. Modern artwork follows the same trend and is often darker and more symbolic.

Its Etruscan influences are more subtle but can be seen in its artwork and history. The name Charun comes from the Etruscan psychopompoi of the underworld. He is often depicted as a disfigured demon wielding a large hammer.

Etruscan Demon Charun

Tarsha Map

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