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Fantasy Mountains

The largest and most populous country in Tarsha, Erias has had a tumultuous history of invasions, in-fighting, political strife, and ever-shifting borders. For over a hundred years, Erias maintained a state of almost constant war with their rival, Inveira, which only ended with the rise of Abaddon.

Erias is perhaps most famous for its ability to wage and maintain extended military campaigns. The country was crucial in holding back Abaddon’s forces in the early days of the war, buying the rest of Tarsha time to gather their defenses and avoid swift destruction. Erias bore the brunt of the Andred forces for the remainder of the war, suffering significant losses and hardships, but the country’s resilience enabled Tarsha to hold firm.

Erias is home to many technological innovations and powerful machines of war, as well as renowned generals like Hallus Braygon and Dayne Vernell. Famous landmarks include the world’s largest city, Morven, the mighty Alar River, the Barrows of Alon Heath, and the ancient tower city of Calbraith.

Primary exports: Siege weapons, military arms, timber, ale, stone, and metal ore.

Banner: A white mountain pierced by a white sword against a field of blue. The banner is reminiscent of Morven’s palace, where a massive statue of a sword’s hilt rises from its court. This is believed to be symbolic of the Eriasan’s domination over the mountains, therefore controlling all that is beneath them.

Erias draws inspiration from late Medieval era England. Its influence can be seen in its high-walled fortresses and defensible buildings, to the colorful wools and linens of its peoples’ clothing and the full plate armor of the country’s more elite soldiers. Siege weapons and longbows are Erias’ preferred weapons, and foot soldiers often march into battle with swords, hammers, spears, and polearms.

Medieval Battle

Tarsha Map

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