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Fantasy Desert

As a mostly arid desert, Meres is the smallest and least populated country in Tarsha. Furthermore, it faced near-constant invasions from Abaddon due to its proximity to Andred. However, the andreds and arzecs were largely combat ineffective due to the extreme temperatures, intense light, and shifting sands. The naturally harsh environment, though difficult to live in, allowed its people to thrive.

Important landmarks include the fortress city of Menaheim that was the country’s primary defense against Andred, the Gold Coast by the Menaheim Sea that is home to the country’s famous craftsmen and merchants, the newly discovered Tombs of Ivandar, and Sudachan, Tarsha’s largest island that had been used for hundreds of years by people looking to escape the war. Among the many large cities is the capital of Izadon, located in an oasis of lakes and palm trees in the natural shelter of cliffs and canyons.

Primary exports: Silks, rugs, pottery, spices, and exotic woods.

Banner: A red eagle against a quartered field of red and white. The symbol is said to represent the many tribes of Meres’ early days, when many of the ancient people were said to worship the giant eagles of the desert.

Meres was inspired by ancient China with minor influences of Middle Eastern cultures. China’s influence can be seen in Mere’s architecture of sweeping tiled roofs and manicured gardens. Meres draws inspiration from Middle Eastern cultures in its people’s clothing, sharing some aspects with Chinese themes like colorful silks and scaled armor.

Middle Eastern Soldier
Chinese Army

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