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Fantasy Fortress

For as long as humans inhabited Tarsha, Andred was a barren, unforgiving wasteland. Save for a few small tribes and collections of outcasts, few people bothered venturing into the icy wastes.

After his attack on Morven, Abaddon raised an army from the graves of his enemies to build his mighty fortress and begin his genocide that would later become known as the Four Hundred Year War. After his downfall, the land remained uninhabited and his mighty stronghold of Apollynos left as a reminder of the millions of people killed by his hand.

Banner: A red serpent on a black field spitting a sword from its maw. No one is certain as to its symbolism.

Primary exports: Death and destruction.

Andred's icy wastelands and snowy tundras embody the cold death that Abaddon leaves in his wake. Abaddon's fortress, Apollynos, is styled after Gothic era cathedrals and their sharp angles and towering turrets. The fortress is daunting and utilitarian in styling, built for the sole purpose of defense.

Fantasy Fortress

Fantasy Icy Wasteland

Tarsha Map

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