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The Warriors

Cain Taran

Height: 6'0"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Armor: Leather and mail

Weapon: Ceerocai

Cain was born in Andaurel, Kaanos, to Marn Taran and Illiya Fallon. At the age of ten, arzecs razed his home and killed his parents. Sent to one of the many orphanages in Dun Ara, he began state mandated training until seventeen, where he joined the infantry and soon distinguished himself as a capable fighter and leader. He was later stationed as a captain in the Andrus Defense Brigade and earned recognition for his heroic efforts to save the city during a rare and brutal arzec assault. Afterward, he was transferred to the elite Outriders and spent several years as a captain, leading numerous scouting missions, hit-and-run attacks, and other dangerous operations.

After the destruction of Andaurel a second time and the loss of his wife, Eileen, and unborn son, he vowed himself to vengeance. Cain traveled Tarsha, uniting the countries together in their fight against Abaddon. However, with the uprising of Iscarius and his Acedens, the Alliance that Cain had worked to build collapsed.

Iscarius set out to destroy Abaddon’s sword, Ceerocai, and the only person able to unleash its power—Cain.

Adriel Ivanne

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Armor: Leather and Cloth

Weapon: Longbow and longsword

Born to Bracus Ivanne and Sera Dracon, Adriel grew up with her younger sister, Calla, in a manor in the quiet village of Alara. Living in a constant state of abuse at the hands of her father, Adriel often escaped into the wilderness with her sister. After Bracus died of mysterious circumstances, Adriel and her mother went to live with Adriel’s uncle, Vanthe, king of Charun. Eventually, they met Ethebriel, the king of Kaanos, and after a short courting period, Ethebriel and Sera married. Adriel lived a comfortable life in Dun Ara’s palace, yet grew increasingly troubled with the idea of others fighting the war while she lived a life of luxury.

Adriel set out to join the Warriors after hearing of their mission to unite Tarsha. She later joined the Vilant, and, after the death of their leader, became their new commander. Not long after, she became queen of Charun after her uncle abdicated the throne. She led the Vilant and Charunite together and helped rebuild the Alliance for a final battle against the Acedens.

Silas Valfalas

Height: 5'10"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Light Blue

Armor: Plate and Scale

Weapon: Sitare

Joshua Valfalas

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Green

Armor: Plate

Weapon: Great Ax

Silas and Joshua’s drunkard parents abandoned them at Andaurel at a young age. The town cared for the two boys with Cain’s parents eventually taking responsibility for them. Following the destruction of Andaurel, the brothers were sent to Dun Ara and trained to be soldiers. The two joined the infantry, where they took an interest in smithing.

The brothers were later accepted into the Outriders and served as forward scouts and smiths to Cain’s company. After Andaurel’s collapse a second time, they took up Ethebriel’s calling to unite Tarsha under the banners of Alliance. Both men were critical in the birth of the New Alliance.

Aren Hayden

Height: 5'11"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Armor: Cloth and Leather

Weapon: Saber

Aren’s mother died in the birthing bed, and Aren was raised by his Meresi father, Xian Hayden. Because his father was an Outrider, Aren saw little of him until he was brought home after sustaining a traumatic brain injury in battle. He took care of his father until arzecs attacked Andaurel, burning it to the ground and killing his father.

Aren lived in the orphanage of Dun Ara where he trained to be a soldier alongside Cain, Silas, and Joshua. Not as strong or as skilled as the others, he was placed as a farrier in Silas and Joshua’s company for a time. After the battle of Andrus, Aren was eventually transferred into Cain’s Outriders due to his mental acuity and resourcefulness. He was widely respected by his fellows and was often Cain’s advisor and moral guide.

Isroc Braygon

Height: 6'0"

Hair: Gray/Blond

Eyes: Hazel

Armor: Leather, Mail, Scale

Weapon: Spear and Grosse Messer

Isroc was raised by his father, Hallus, from a young age after the death of his mother. Because his father was a highly respected general and advisor to Erias’ king, Isroc often traveled between Morven and his childhood home of Mordicon.

When he became of age, Isroc joined the infantry, where he quickly climbed up the chain of command due to his background and extensive tactical training. He served decades with the adoration and respect of his soldiers, until he met the Warriors. He filed for retirement and joined them on their mission to build an Alliance. Isroc helped unite and gather their armies, and ultimately led them in battle against the Acedens.

Mithaniel Fallon

Height: 6'1"

Hair: White

Eyes: Pale Green

Armor: Plate

Weapon: Bastard Sword and Shield

As an Iscara, his birth and early years are a mystery. Many scholars extensively studied the surviving Iscara after the war and most agree that they were born like regular humans, though how they came about their strange power remains a mystery.

Mithaniel followed the Forgotten’s calling and joined Abaddon in his genocide of mankind. He fought under Abaddon for many years, until his friend and fellow Iscara, Malecai, began plotting against their leader. Eventually disobeying the Forgotten, Mithaniel joined Malecai’s quest to overthrow Abaddon and end what he came to view as a loathsome and needless genocide. However, he grew disenfranchised with Malecai as the man became obsessed with power and control. Mithaniel turned from the Aceden rebellion and joined Cain Taran to aid the Alliance.

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