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The People of Tarsha

A compendium of major/minor characters in the world of The Atonement Trilogy. Minor spoilers below.


As an Iscara, his origin is a mystery, but it is thought that he was the first servant of Abaddon. He maintained his status for centuries as the strongest Iscara to have ever lived, until he abandoned Abaddon and plotted to overthrow the tyrant. Iscarius spent an unknown number of decades, if not centuries, weaving his influence throughout Tarsha and rallying soldiers and civilians to his cause.

Iscarius stormed Abaddon’s stronghold and killed the tyrant. Seeking to eradicate all traces of Abaddon, he sought out Cain and Ceerocai, while his Acedens took control of Tarsha and cemented his hold on the world. Whether his rebellion and subsequent takeover of Tarsha was for personal gain or for the good of the people remains a mystery.


An enigmatic and immortal tyrant who claimed to be the Forgotten’s divine punishment, little is known about his origins or rise to power. He created an army of creatures that terrorized and ravaged Tarsha for four hundred years until his death at the hands of Iscarius.

After the war, a renewed effort to uncover his mortal life was made. Many scholars believe different tales, but the consensus seems to be that he was a former Palace Guard in Morven who had loved the princess, Jocelyn Fallon.

Exiled and banished to death in the wilderness by her father, the mortal Abaddon vowed vengeance on Erias and its king. He seemed to have discovered his powers in the wilds of Alon Heath, for not long after, he attacked Morven, killed the king, and withdrew into Andred where he forged his reign of destruction.

Ethebriel Marthen:

King of Kaanos and one of Tarsha’s longest ruling monarchs. Ethebriel was instrumental in creating and leading the New Alliance.

Vanthe Dracon:

King of Charun. He was a fundamental ally to the Acedens and a key piece in Iscarius’ control of the South.

Darius Arela:

King of Erias and founder of the New Alliance.

Cradoc Arela:

Brother of Darius and king of Meres, he was a wavering supporter of the New Alliance until his commitment to defend Morven. After his brother’s public denouncement of Ethebriel, Cradoc returned to his country to gather his armies to aid Kaanos in the fight against Iscarius.

Branim Hallmar:

King of Inveira. His throne and country were critical to Iscarius’ success. Branim and previous generations were under Iscarius’ thumb, despite Branim’s apparent attempt to resist him at the Siege of Brunein. Branim later died in the Iron Fjords at the hands of his general, Moran Regulus.

Ivandar Fallon:

After Abaddon’s attack on Morven and the subsequent deaths of his father and sister, King Ivandar rallied the armies of Tarsha to storm Andred where Abaddon had made his stronghold. The Alliance was ultimately defeated, but not before Ivandar stole Abaddon’s sword, Ceerocai. King Ivandar retreated into Meres to rebuild his Alliance but died in an andred ambush. His body was entombed beneath the desert with Ceerocai, where it was eventually uncovered by Cain Taran.

Armeth Lorne:

Retired soldier and mercenary, Armeth served as advisor to King Ethebriel.

Ada Arillius:

Former Inveiran soldier turned traitor, Ada was a feared assassin under Iscarius’ hand. He murdered many soldiers, generals, and political opponents.

Malleus Taraus:

General in Iscarius’ army and leader of the elite Blood Guard, Malleus was a powerful and feared foe that left fear and destruction in his wake.

Moran Regulus: Former bard turned well-respected soldier and general, Moran was a thorn in the back of Iscarius’ Inveiran domination.

Jiran Morell:

A retired Eriasan soldier and founder of the Vilant.

Shara Dralmond:

Unable to fight in the war because of Erias’ laws, Shara joined the Vilant where her fierce drive carried her quickly to captain’s rank and eventually to general.

Heric Cidain:

Shara’s childhood friend, he was unable to join the military due to a lifelong illness, and so later joined Jiran’s Vilant.

Kari Barenda:

A former wife of an Inveiran lord allied with King Branim, they eventually left Inveira and escaped into Erias. Kari’s husband died along the way, and she joined the Vilant where she climbed through the ranks as a skilled scout.

Locke Nale:

The finest master smith in Kaanos. He crafted several pieces of armor for the Warriors.

Arata Sonowas:

High Guard Captain of King Cradoc.

Harin Salforn:

Retired soldier in the elite Charun’s Hammer unit, Harin was a leader in the resistance in Charun. He later became captain of Adriel’s Royal Guard.

Valerik Elric:

Former captain in the Val Idris Third Scout Brigade, Valerik was a loyal guide to the Warriors in Inveira. He kept Ceerocai from Aceden control at the Battle of Brunein but was killed during the retreat.

Kaelin Vinata:

Captain in the Morven Fifth Infantry, he fought alongside Mithaniel in the Aceden attack on Morven. He later helped gather thousands of scattered civilians and soldiers to the Alliance cause.

Hargus Defall:

Captain in the elite Braygon’s West Riders.

Rodin Demorne:

A former high ranking general in Inveira’s army, Demorne served Iscarius as commander of the Aceden infantry and was crucial to the success of their many conquests.

Dayne Vernell:

A renowned Eriasan general who led many important victories against the andreds, he later joined the Acedens and became one of Iscarius’ most trusted advisors and tacticians.


Touted by his supporters as the most powerful Iscara, he and Iscarius would often clash over their conflicting ideals. After Iscarius’ betrayal, Alanis became Abaddon’s most loyal follower, and commanded the attack on Morven, and later, at Seraphel.


An Iscara who sided with Iscarius against Abaddon, she was one of the first to draw blood in their new rebellion.


One of Iscarius’ most trusted and powerful followers.


Another of Iscarius’ followers, Barachiel organized the distribution of tens of thousands of slaves.

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