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Regions of Tarsha


Once the heart of a rich and flourishing empire, Angeled had long been an inhospitable and harsh land. Little is known about the empire that once ruled over Angeled, but its evidence is everywhere, from the ancient roads that web across the country to the ruins of great cities and fortresses.

Fantasy Canyons

Heiven Sul

An inhospitable land of volcanoes and ashen earth. Many of its volcanoes are still active, creating an ever-shifting land of magma and stone. It is believed by the more superstitious that terrible creatures roam the dark land. The few who dared venture into Heiven Sul have not reported any sightings of these creatures, though many of them claim to have seen great claw marks riven in the earth.

Fantasy Volcano

Amon Karash

The treacherous, barren wasteland that is home to the arzecs. The land seems to be formed from Heiven Sul’s ancient volcanic channels, evidenced by the deep gullies, knife-like ridges, and black earth. During the war, the arzecs wandered Amon Karash where they awaited orders from their master or launched occasional hunting raids into the surrounding countryside. Few people have dared enter the home of the arzecs.

Fantasy Valley

Nimithy Valley

A fertile valley located between the mountains of Erias and Meres, it is home to many flourishing farms and is the primary passage between the North and South.

Fantasy Hills

The Faeran

The largest forest in Tarsha, the Faeran stretches nearly the entire length of Charun to form a natural barricade between the North and the South. The forest is made up of twisted, gray trees with ink black leaves that give the place an eerie, almost otherworldly appearance.

Little is known about the peculiar fauna that thrives in the infertile soil, but many travelers report seeing and feeling strange images and sensations. Due to the dense, nearly impassible trees and the nightmarish effects they have on people, few travelers dare venture into the Faeran and instead opt for the safer passages over the ocean or through the Nimithy Valley.

Fantasy Forest

Alon Heath

The hallowed barrows of Erias’ ancient kings. Sometime during the fall of religion, the barrow’s curators and the Forgotten’s last followers, the Tongueless of Helika, sealed the land off from the outside world to prevent the mobs of rioters and looters from destroying the sacred place. It is said that any who pass through its barrier are incinerated by a blinding light from the heavens. The legends claim that this is the light that granted Abaddon his powers and forged for him the sword known as Ceerocai.

Fantasy Graveyard

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