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RT CON 2015

RT Con 2015

So I'm going to try and update my website on a regular basis. Please bear with me! Between two jobs, school, family/friends, my writing career, and everything else thrown on the side for fun, you can say I like to stay a busy man.

I went to the RT Booklover's Convention in Dallas, TX. over the weekend. I'm surprised I survived! I had an awesome time and met a lot of wonderful people, including great friends and authors like Kristin Secorsky, Margaret Taylor, and Felicia Fox. I also finally met my amazing publicist and friend, Vicki Rose. I also met some fantastic authors like Heather Graham, Sylvia Day, Megan Hart, and more. Charlaine Harris was wandering around somewhere but I never got to say hi!


However, the fun doesn't stop there! As I am traveling back home to Waco, the town decides to raze itself! I hear reports of a deadly shooting at the local Twin Peaks as three or more rival biker gangs face off with fists, knives, clubs, chains, and guns, shooting up the restaurant until 9 of are dead and another 18 are injured. Fortunately, no bystanders or police were hurt. Currently, there are believed to be around 1,000 allied gang members converging on Waco to aid those arrested or fallen in the struggle. The city is heavily guarded by law enforcement from around Texas, including ATF, FBI, and others. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and without bloodshed.

Thank you for reading! I will have a lot more to come! Please send me a message if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas, as well as suggestions for me to blog about. Be sure to check out my books and leave a review if you have not already! Thank you guys for your support, y'all rock!


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