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The End of the Road

Well, not quite...

But I can happily announce that my third book, The Shadow of War, is finally finished! *Cue confetti and balloons*


It's been a long road. I first started writing at the age of ten and began The Atonement Trilogy at the ripe old age of thirteen. Years of trial and error, many nights of hair pulling, and more than a few tears, I can finally say that I've accomplished my dream of publishing these books and completing the series.

Final tally has brought the book to 150K words, which puts it at a comfortable spot for an epic fantasy. I just know you guys are going to enjoy the read. After a few rounds of ruthless editing and beta reading, the final book in the trilogy will be available this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for more information to come! There will be many parties and giveaways to celebrate the release!

Book Three End

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