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The Atonement Trilogy Updates

Hey, guys!

A lot’s been going on lately so I wanted to take a breath and give you some updates. As some of you might know, I finished the third book in “The Atonement Trilogy”. I’m going through some edits before I send it off to my beta readers and then to my editor. If everything goes smoothly, we’ll have The Shadow of War releasing at the end of the year! Can I get an amen?

The Shadow of War Book

Meanwhile, I’m also working on new cover art for the three books. Besides needing cover art for the third book anyways, the first two books have different artwork that seems to confuse and throw off some of my readers. This is because Scottie Bellinger, the artist I hired to work on my first book, passed away from cancer not long after working together.

Well, a few years have gone by since the books were released, and I feel that now is the time to refresh them in a new light. And that means all new covers! I’m excited to be working with the lovely Amalia Chitulescu. You can check out her work here: Amalia Chitulescu Digital Art

So, what’s all this mean for you guys? It means I’m re-releasing The Spirit of Revenge and A New Reign, the first two books in “The Atonement Trilogy” before the final book, The Shadow of War, is released in December. I’ll be attending numerous online events to celebrate the upcoming releases, as well as giving away lots of goodies and prizes! So, come find me on Facebook and Instagram as we bring out The Shadow of War in style!

See y’all on the other side!

The Spirit of Revenge Book

The Spirit of Revenge original artwork by Scottie Bellinger

A New Reign Book

A New Reign original artwork by Edward Pollick

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